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Reiki sessions have been a revelatory experience for me. I felt deep calm and a sense of healing unlike anything I've experienced before. Mike was empathetic and professional. I will definitely be returning for more sessions.
Elk Grove, CA
Dealing with chronic pain for years led me to try Reiki and PEMF at Baransu Serenity. The sessions have been life-changing. My pain has significantly decreased, and I now feel hopeful and revitalized. Highly recommend!
Folsom, CA
PEMF therapy has been a game-changer for my chronic back pain. After just a few sessions, I noticed a significant reduction in pain and improved flexibility. It's like I have a new lease on life!
I was initially skeptical about Reiki, but after a session at Baransu Serenity, I felt an incredible sense of calm and clarity. The practitioner was so gentle and intuitive; I could feel the energy flowing through me. It was truly transformative. Definitely doing more sessions.
Fair Oaks, CA
Chakra healing was a transformative experience. I had a session at Baransu Serenity and felt a new energy sensation. There was a sense of balance and peace in my consciousness. It was a transformative experience, and I recommend it for more transformative sessions.
Sac, CA
Hired Mike at Baransu to offer a wellness plan to my staff. I have purchased other wellness and healing programs before, but none of them had the. Almost my whole team is better off from this Wellness Program. This is the best morale, energy, and performance we have ever had in 32 years in business. My team is more motivated and happy to be here. I'll be offering this every year.
CHRO, Millenium Management
Partnering with Baransu Serenity for our nutrition wellness plans has been a game-changer for our organization. Our employees love the selection of services, which are both engaging and easy to integrate into their daily routines. Since implementing these wellness plans, we've seen a noticeable increase in employee engagement and overall satisfaction. We highly recommend Baransu Serenity for any company looking to invest in the well-being of their workforce. The value and benefits are truly outstanding!
President, Immerger Consulting
I cannot say enough about Mike and how he helped me. Not only did I lose weight, I mentally feel better. Mike has really helped balance many facets of my life. Best part, no more brain fog! Feel great. Think clearly. Confidence I’ve been missing for a long time is back. Thanks Mike!!
Karl P.
San Diego, CA
Mike was awesome. He helped me completely change my understanding of a balanced life and set me on a plan that I feel confident in sticking to for the rest of my life. I highly recommend connecting with Mike!
Alex G.
Boston, MA
OMG!! Working with Mike was fantastic. I got more knowledge than I thought I would. I lost weight, feel great, skin is clearer, and feel so much more confident about myself. I can now meditate, focus, calm myself down, and live my best life. No more blaming others. Just hire him. He will work with you, not just say here is the info and good luck. He is very genuine.
Jackie S.
Austin, TX
Our experience with Baransu Serenity holistic wellness plans has been nothing short of exceptional. The personalized approach and interactive workshops have resonated deeply with our employees, leading to higher engagement and enthusiasm towards healthy living. The ongoing support provided have significantly improved our team's overall well-being. We've noticed a marked increase in productivity and a positive shift in workplace morale. Investing in wellness programs has proven to be incredibly valuable for our organization, and we couldn't be happier with the results.
Chief of People, Tech Co.
I had my daily workout routines fluctuate a few times due to an injury; Mike adjusted my food intake (Macros) per my modifications. All of my texts were answered in a timely manner; some texts... within a few minutes! Meal suggestions, recipes, and other suggestions for food were great. If he found something interesting in an area I was struggling (Sugar/fat) he would make great suggestions. The balance and focus my team is showing is remarkable. Thanks Mike.
Rob R.
San Jose, CA
Mike went beyond my expectations. His work is very thorough, he’s quick to respond, and he values client goals. Mike has set me up to achieve my health goals with a program that is not overly strict and balances with my own schedule. Overall, fantastic experience. Thank you Mike
Maria B.
Brooklyn, NY
Working with Mike was fantastic. He listened to my goals and helped me achieve them in a practical way that with his Life Coaching service. His guidance, perspective, and teaching me to listen to my inner self was simply outstanding. I cannot explain it in words, but I have of so released much trauma thanks to him. Thanks for doing what you do Mike. Working with you was an absolute game changer!
Nicole H.
Sacramento, CA
Mike did a great job analyzing what was causing me stress and developing a plan to help me. I think the value he provides in his expertise between balance, healing, and science is a great value. After the coaching I feel set up to succeed in the future. Overall, very pleased, I was super frustrated with life and I'm not frustrated anymore with Mike's help.
Ryan O.
Dansville, MI
I love our new wellness program. Mike was so great with me. Knowledgeable. Committed and passionate about living a healthy balanced life. So this is what controlling my thoughts is like? Super cool.
Jenn S.
Overland Park, KS
My experience with Mike was amazing. Stop thinking about it and hire him. He is that attentive.
Michelle R.
Knoxville, TN
Baransu Serenity was amazing. He helped me sleep better, helped me drop a lot of weight, and he showed me techniques on maintaining this mental clarity and balance. It’s been a year since he helped me, and I am still feel great. I keep up with Reiki sessions now monthly for maintenance. I feel overall new balance in my life.
Scott D.
Saddle River, NJ
Mike was very attentive to my needs. In the 6 weeks I worked with him I was able to handle mental challenges better, lose weight, feel more energized everyday, and was able to improve my overall mental state. I would absolutely work with him again and recommend him entirely.
Marybeth H.
Dallas, TX
Like having increased energy and generally better attitude and outlook.
Joe B.
Staten Island, NY
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