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Enjoy a complimentary add-on with every in-person session, held at your home or mine. It's a wonderful opportunity to explore other healing modalities at no extra cost, providing flexibility and comfort in your experience.

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Payment will be processed after booking confirmation, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for your session. We accept various payment options for your convenience.

Individual Session Options

Reiki (Hands off session)

Helps to release blockages, reduce stress, and promote holistic well-being. You will receive a full-body energy assessment and healing to restore balance and harmony.
Onsite or Virtual Up to 75 minutes – $111 / Session

Chakra Balancing

Align your energies and elevate your life with chakra balancing. Restore the natural flow of energy within your body, unblocking chakras to achieve emotional stability, mental clarity, and overall well-being.
Onsite or Virtual Up to 75 minutes – $141 / Session

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

Revitalize your health with PEMF therapy. Electromagnetic fields stimulate cellular repair and enhance overall wellness, reducing pain and improving mobility.
Onsite Only 60 Minutes – $121 / Session

Dual Healing – Chakra/PEMF Healing Session

Experience the combined benefits of chakra balancing and PEMF therapy. This powerful blend helps to realign your energy centers and stimulate cellular repair, promoting comprehensive healing and rejuvenation.
Onsite Only 3 ½-4 Hours – $444 / Session

Life Coaching

Transform your life with personalized life coaching sessions. We will work together to identify your goals, overcome obstacles, and create actionable plans for personal growth and success.
Onsite or Virtual 60 Minutes – $111 / Session

Certified Nutrition Coaching

Nourish your body and achieve your health goals with our expert nutrition counseling. You will receive personalized dietary plans designed to enhance energy levels, support health goals, and promote overall well-being.
Onsite or Virtual – $222 / Month

Distance Reiki

Receive the healing benefits of Reiki from the comfort of your own home. Our 60-minute distance Reiki session works to release blockages, reduce stress, and promote holistic well-being, all without the need to be physically present.

Virtual 60 Minutes
Summer of Reiki Event now $49. Normally $91 / Session

Equine Reiki,

Experience the benefits of Equine Reiki, a gentle energy healing technique that promotes your horse's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Address pain, stress, and behavioral issues to help your horse thrive. Book a session today to support your horse’s journey to optimal health and happiness
Onsite or Virtual 30 Minutes – $88 / Session

Pet/Object Reiki

Extend the healing power of Reiki to your pets or cherished objects. Reiki will channel energy to support the well-being and harmony of your pets or to cleanse and energize important objects in your life.
Onsite or Virtual 60 Minutes – $44 / Session


3 Reiki Sessions

Normally $333
Now for $265

5 Reiki Sessions

Normally $555
Now for $388

3 PEMF Sessions

Normally $363
Now for $290

3 Chakra Healing Sessions

Normally $423
Now for $333


Monthly Wellness Plan (Onsite)

2 Reiki Sessions per month
1 PEMF Therapy Session per month
1 Chakra Balancing
Normally $484
Now $300/per month

Comprehensive Care Plan

4 Life Coaching Sessions per month
4 Nutrition Consultations per month
1 Chakra Balancing Session per month
2 Reiki Sessions per month
Normally $1029
Now $600 per month

Life Coaching

Starter Package

4 sessions per month (once weekly)
Support between sessions
Goal-setting and progress tracking
Onsite or Virtual – $350 / Month

Standard Package

8 sessions per month (twice weekly)
Bi-weekly check-ins via phone or video call
Personalized action plans and resources
Onsite or Virtual – $650 / Month

Premium Package

12 sessions per month (three times weekly)
Weekly check-ins via phone or video call
Deep dive into personal, spiritual, and professional goals
Unlimited email support
Onsite or Virtual – $900 / Month

Call to discuss a personalized and customized plan for you and your goals.

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